Shopping alone can lead you to make purchases you might regret later—whether it’s because you bought something you don’t need or wear or because you bought (even more) things that don’t fit or that you don’t look good in.

...And you KNOW that dressing room mirror isn’t telling you the truth...

A stylist can give you the objectivity you need when shopping for new clothes. An AGAIN… stylist can also make it fun and easy. But, in the absence of a stylist, a good friend can be a pretty solid stand-in.

I roll with a tell-it-like-it-is crowd, so when I want tough critics when it comes to my wardrobe, I recruit them. They are always honest with me about how something fits, whether or not I should keep an item, if something is timeless or not, and if my basics look well kept.

When you go shopping with a friend, have your friend take a photo of you in the clothes from different angles so you get a better idea of not just how you feel in the clothes, but also how you look from all angles. Ask for only the most honest opinions. Encourage them with dangled promises of free drinks afterwards.

When you’re done, you’ll go home with an armful of clothes that look AND feel good!