Style Renewed

Closet Organization, Personal Style & Shopping

Make your wardrobe new again with some exciting new pieces tailored to your body type, budget, and lifestyle—without even leaving the house.

Do you ever get the feeling that, despite all appearances, you’ve got absolutely nothing to every morning? Do you own 28 variations on the same black dress? Have you worn the same dress to every special occasion for the last 5 years? Maybe shopping for clothes makes you anxious or you don’t have the time or patience for it. Maybe you have no idea what looks great on you.

Let’s begin with an online survey and body type assessment. Then together we’ll do a reorganization of your closet and decide what should stay and what needs to go. From there, we’ll prioritize a list of essentials and we will hand select 10 to 15 pieces that not only work well on their own, but also complement what you already have.

What’s Included

  • You Review Consultation and body type assessment
  • Coffee and pastries or wine and cheese
  • Full reorganization of your closet. It simply doesn’t get better than a clean, reorganized closet with everything color coded and lined up beautifully on wood hangers!
  • Full wardrobe audit. We’ll go through everything—from shirts to shoes to scarves—even earrings! We’ll help you choose what to keep, alter, donate, or sell.
  • When it’s decided what stays and what goes, we’ll get started on your fresh new look. We’ll show you new ways to wear old favorites and we'll let you in on our accessorizing secrets!
  • Here’s the fun part...your AGAIN… consultant will create a prioritized list of new clothes and accessories to buy that will maximize your current wardrobe.
  • You can purchase them over time, and in classic AGAIN... fashion, we will carefully stay in line with your lifestyle and your budget!
  • Parting is such sweet sorrow! When we’re done, we can take away your "donate" pile for an additional fee. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn some money back by selling your special items to the AGAIN… Boutique!
  • 20% discount on AGAIN... Boutique items
Starting at $695
Price depends on the size of your closet and the amount of time we spend together. Does not include the price of shopping list items.

Optional Add-Ons:
+ Take away to a donation center
+ Wood hangers
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