I can’t thank you enough for helping me transition my wardrobe to suit the next stage of my life. Not only did you give me great ideas for how I want to portray myself but also some beautiful pieces to do it with! You really changed my whole mindset when you mentioned the energy of clothes and I feel so lucky to have some of that radiant Wendy energy in my closet. Now I will think of you when I’m leading first meeting in the boardroom... love and gratitude."


As a newly retired 60-something year old I wanted to recycle my business attire, pare down the size of my wardrobe and have my clothes be stylish and effortless. Wendy worked with me to accomplish these goals. Offering insights to get me ready for our Safe home visit and giving me the ability to combine current clothing in new ways. My boyfriend of 4 years has told me how nice I look several times in the last week.  No matter your goals and vision for your closet, Wendy can make it a reality.